Company Matching Program

company-matchingCompanies that Match Your Donation to Our School

This year, the parent donation drive has been put in place to simplify the lives of our families and students, and to also insure that we don’t impede the efforts of other groups on campus who look to raise funds for their own needs. Carmel PTA also prefers to have your child focus on academics rather than sales pitches.

Every dollar donated will be used to address the current school year. Carmel PTA is a 501c3 and your donation MAY be eligible for a company match from your employer. This list is NOT ALL INCLUSIVE – If you don’t see your company listed below, please contact your HR Department to see if they provide a company match to donations.

Some of the matching companies include but are not limited to, the following (click the link for information):

Your donations will help the Carmel family by providing for the following projects:

  • New and improved agendas for all Carmel students in every grade
  • Renew and continue our accelerated math program
  • Fulfill teacher’s grants for classroom supplies during this down economy
  • Purchase AED for use on Carmel campus in case of emergency
  • Supply CRCT prep book to help our students prepare for testing
  • Continue our support of cultural arts, exemplified by Cultural Arts Day

If you need a copy of Carmel 501C3 Status Letter, please contact us.